About Me

Maxime Richard Photo

Hi, I’m Maxime Richard, student in Master MAJE (Master’s Degree in video game project management).

With a strong background as a developer, I have to study the making of video games, focusing my efforts in learning Unity and Unreal Engine 4 development.

I’m always looking to strengthen my skills, so it’s a great motivation for me to face new challenges that will make me a better developer. As is shown in my work on personal projects and Game Jams, I’m willing to work hard to achieve my goals and learn the best ways to use the tools I work with.

Outside of my game making passion, I like to learn about other skills involved in the process of making games : sound design, 2D and 3D art, game design. I also have other personal pastimes like photography, sport, a video game/cinema blog and an audio podcast (French only).