HTC Vive

[WIP-Experiment] Spellcaster

Spellcaster is a VR experiment, used as a learning project for VR interaction and programming while looking for new entertaining ways to use these headsets and controllers.

The idea is born from a mix of inspirations, from VR shooter Robo Recall, spell casting action game Lichdom Battlemage and also Arx Fatalis magic system based on mouse movements.

The goal was to create a system where controllers buttons, but also specific movements like forward projection, wrist rotation or hand position relative to the headset, could result in different spells casted in the game, without any energy limit, to create a arcade, fast paced experience taking advantage of the VR environment, without being a copycat of other VR games focused on guns.

The video on top of the article is a rough first demo, demonstrating the result of my learnings in VR control and programming in VR with Unity, consisting in making a few different distinct move to allow shooting fire spells.

The final goal would be to create a simplistic dungeon crawler with endless corridors and waves with increasing difficulty to rate players with a score.

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