Swap Space

Swap Space is a game made during my internship at Pixelgate Studios. It’s a vertical shooter game with infinite waves, you dispose of 3 turrets, each of a different color, and you must switch their positions to destroy meteorites of the corresponding color.
Ready to save your planet?

Made with Unity, available on iOS and Android.


The game zone is represented with 3 virtual columns, on each one of them, there is a turret with a color, purple, yellow and green. When swiping a turret towards another, they switch places. Your objective is to hold as long as you can  while facing meteorites waves that get more and more aggressive.

My role

Gameplay developer

I participated in the project since the beginning, I was the one in charge of the gameplay mechanics, as well as the configuration of the difficulty curve, by using Unity Remote Settings to ease the modifications for test and also when  the app is in production.

I also brought and great attention to the different feedbacks the player would need, to keep the game entertaining on the long run, based on criticism from the beta testers.

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