Play Or Die

Play or Die is a game made during my internship at Pixelgate Studios. It’s a vertical shooter game with infinite waves, boss fights, power ups, all in an underground and pixel art style.
Be part of Rave or Die crew and fight the invasion of digital music!

Made with Unity, available on iOS and Android


The game consist in a shooting zone placed at the bottom of the screen and represented by a DJ table. You swipe your finger upwards from this zone to shoot a vinyl that will destroy enemy waves coming from the top of the screen. Also, you’ll have to fight dangerous bosses, but you can use some power ups that drop into the game to help you keep going and reach the best score.

My role

Gameplay developer.

I made a lot of polishing on the project : difficulty adjustments, smoother boss movements, integration of new sprites with different animations and added more visual effect to pump up the game feel.

Creation of a front end and back end for a in game store selling cosmetics items and songs for the game. Integration of the Playfab service to create a distant backup of the player purchases on iOS.

Challenge system optimization, with modifications of the XML schema and code enhancements to process that XML data and execute challenges check more efficiently.

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