Hunter/Hunted – Gameleon Events

1st year project in Master MAPI MAJE (Project Management applied to Video Games) in Cannes, France. It was a project designed by 2nd years students, and they were recruiting 1st years students like me to build a proof of concept for the project.


The project goal was to create a mobile game using Bluetooth Beacons. When the smartphone is close to the beacon, it triggers an event in a LibGDX game.

The final objective was to present the game to demonstrate a new business concept. The concept was the gamification of events with a companion app to promote and incite people to visit the event.

Here, the app was a set of mini-games that could be launched by walking around the Cannes Game Festival and finding beacons to engage people in checking every area of the festival.

My role

Java/Android Developer.

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