Modus Operandie

Modus OpenranDIE!

Modus OperanDie! is a Unity game made during the 2016 Global Game Jam in 48 hours.

The theme this year was “Ritual”.

Simple 4-player party game developed using Unity and playable on PC.

How it plays

Using an Xbox 360 controller, each player controls a serial killer (crude imitations of Jason from Friday The 13th)  who has to gather items and strike his victim in order to accomplish his murder ritual. However, the oter players share the same objectives, furthermore, a policeman is patrolling the area and won’t let murders happen on his watch. The game is about attacking the other players and reacting fast enough to be the first one to enact their somber ritual.

What I did

Participative game design, gameplay programming, animations, sound – partially or totally in conjunction with the other programmer of my game jam team.

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